Farm Holiday

Gentiana plant
has always been a symbol for care and peace.

A plant that heals from poisons and cleanses, a plant that grows and resists bad weather.

A determined plant.

Just like us, who, inspired by this symbol of Sardinia, ten years ago we took the decision to create a protected area, safe from modern noises, that could make you feel at home.

La Genziana,
is an oasis, covering 17 hectares, where there is a natural tendency towards hospitality,
where we like to think that we offer an “intended spontaneity”, that shows itself through the attention we pay to our guest, within a space of passion, learning, games and traditions.

A holiday where the uniqueness of the guest is sacred, where everything we use in our food is produced by us or close to where we aresitting in amongst olive trees and vineyards, where we like calling each other by name, sitting at the table together, telling each other our stories with a glass of mirto and a dessert.

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