Alghero Coast

The surrounding nature also makes it a wonderful summer destination for whoever wants to enjoy uncontaminated landscapes,

like the one offered by the cape of Capo Caccia, with the famous cliff shaped like a sleeping giant, which is now one of the symbols of Alghero.

The particular geological conformation also makes the area rich of caves and ravines, most of which are unexplored.

Right here we can find the beautiful and evocative Grotte di Nettuno, considered to be some of the most beautiful caves of the Mediterranean sea, accessible both from sea and land through the famous Escala del Cabirol, made of 656 steps, providing the visitor with a seascape of wonderful pools, stalactites and stalagmites of particular shapes.
On the eastern side we can see Grotta dei Ricami and Grotta Verde, cliffs above the sea with breathtaking views. Then, if we head towards the area of Fertile area, we can reach the Bombarde beach, one of the most beautiful beaches of the Riviera, one of the most loved and famous beaches of Sardinia.
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