social involvement

Social Farming
The days on the farm with students of different age and the workshops with adults that we have been carrying out for several years now, have allowed us to become witnesses of how important are the benefits that contact with nature and with animals brings to the life of those who live such experiences. Hence the social farm project. We have planned individual activities and group activities addressed to the most disadvantaged and vulnerable groups, with assisted activities with animals, aimed at reintegrating into work, promoting the improvement of the quality of life and bringing closer human-animal interaction.
Educational Farm
The Educational Farm brings young people and adults closer to nature: it is both the ideal place for a trip with children and an opportunity for older children to discover how products are made, how animals live and the crafts of the countryside.
Thanks to the Didactic Farm, divided into different workshops designed specifically for children in nursery and elementary schools. The child discovers new or known realities only in books, comes into contact with different lifestyles through concrete experiences, plays and has fun, understanding the importance of tradition and contact with nature.

This workshop aimed to bring participants closer to farm animals by learning to milk and caesify until they recognize the importance of milk and its derivatives in daily nutrition and respect for animals.

The workshop involves the milking of the sheep by hand, the artisan preparation of cheese and ricotta and accompanies the development of greater sensitivity on respect for farm animals.


The aim of the "wool laboratory" is to recognize wool as an element still largely present in our daily life and its various uses in different areas.

The workshop involves spinning Sardinian sheep wool according to traditional methods, accompanying the discovery of the origins of wool and the various uses in our daily life.


Designed to stimulate creativity and manual skills. After a tour of the farm to discover the animals, the participants will collect the eggs from the hen house and experience the process of preparing the biscuits in its entirety, from the hen house to the table.

Through the biscuit workshop, the participants will convey the value of healthy food and the importance of being aware of the origin of the food we eat.


The color workshop was created to bring participants closer to ancient and natural coloring methods. Through this laboratory we will experience nature as the main resource for the creation of natural dyes.


If you haven't found what you were looking for in our workshops, contact us and tell us your idea: we will develop it together!