Our guests can choose either half board or bed and breakfast
and we are very proud of our culinary offer.

In the morning we serve anabundant breakfast based on local sheep’s milk

the flavour of which can vary depending on the season (hay in the winter, fresh grass in spring), coffee, jams, butter, fruit juices and homemade sweets, sa frue - “whole milk curd”, to be eaten with pana carasau - sheep ricotta and the well-known su gihoddu, Sardinian yoghurt that comes served with honey.

To convince you to stay with us,  we want to tell you about the dinner, based on typical Sardinian dishes accompanied by some typical wines from Alghero,

with main courses based on different types of pasta that have been processed and cooked with artisanal methods, for example Ricotta Ravioli or Tomato sauce cheese, malloreddos, vegetable tagliatelle and pane frattau. It continues with the timeless classics, like lamb with wild fennel or flavoured with myrtle, suckling roasted pig, mutton in tomato sauce or with potatoes and onion with a fresh seasonal vegetable side dish,

ending with typical desserts,

like the rustic cakes and the sas sevadas, a round dessert full of sheep’s cheese flavoured with lemon or orange, covered with durum wheat semolina. All of this is obviously homemade and goes down perfectly from red to white myrtle, passing through filu and ’ferru - the inevitable Sardinian brandy - and limoncino.
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